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Application of the Ideas of Gordon Zink, DO, FAAO
Workshop Leader: John C. Glover, DO, FAAO

Who was Gordon Zink, DO, FAAO and what legacy did he leave for physicians who want to understand how the human body responds to the stress of everyday life and the traumas that occur throughout our lives. The workshop will introduce attendees to Dr. Zink, explore his contributions to osteopathic evaluation and treatment. We will examine in detail the Common Compensatory Pattern (CCP), its development, evolution, variations, how to efficiently evaluate it, sequence treatment and several options of how to treat it with different models. Completion of the workshop will enable participants to bring back to their practice a rapid evaluation system and practice experience in treating the findings.

1. Understand the development of the CCP by Dr. Zink
2. Understand CCP and its role in medicine today
3. Understand the effect of CCP
a. On the autonomic system
b. On the diaphragms
c. On pulmonary function
d. On the fascia and dural systems
4. Learn the specific findings of the CCP
5. Learn to recognize the CCP
6. Understand the clinical application of the CCP
7. Practice various treatment options of the CCP

1. Zink JG. Respiratory and Circulatory Care: The Conceptual Model. Osteopathic Annals, Mar 1977.
2. Zink JG, Lawson WB. The Role of Pectoral Traction in the Treatment of Lymphatic Flow Disturbances. Osteopathic Annals, Nov 1978.
3. Zink JG, Lawson WB. Pressure Gradients in the Manipulative Management of the Obstetric Patient. Osteopathic Annals, May 1979.
4. Zink JG, Lawson WB. An Osteopathic Structural Examination and Functional Interpretation of the Soma. Osteopathic Annals, Dec 1979.
5. Zink JG, Fetchik WD, Lawson WB. The Posterior Axillary Folds: A Gateway for Osteopathic Treatment of the Upper Extremities. Osteopathic Annals, Mar 1981.


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Fr. 09.06.2023 (10:00 Uhr Beginn erster Tag) - So. 11.06.2023 (18:00 Uhr Ende letzter Tag)

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